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Units provide a way to connect LB units to real ones. Currently, there are several units defined in the code. There are

Defined units:

Unit Meaning
m meter
s second
kg kilogram
K Kelvin
A Amper
t Second time scale, needed in EOF in steady state simulations
x,y,z Artificial units(?)

Derrived units:

Unit Definition Meaning
N 1kgm/s2 Newton
Pa 1N/m2 Pascal
J 1Nm Joul
W 1J/s Watt
V 1kgm2/t3/A Volt
C 1tA Coulomb


Prefix Definition Meaning
nm 1e-9m nanometre
um 1e-6m micrometre
cm 1e-2m centimetre
km 1e+3m kilometre
h 3600s hour
ns 1e-9s nanosecond
us 1e-6s microsecond
ms 1e-3s milisecond
mg 1e-6s miligram
g 1e-3s gram
An 6.02e+23 Avogadro number
d atan(1.)*4./180 degree

Defining units

It is possible to define new units

Using gauge