Welcome to TCLB

The TCLB code is a parallel solver for the lattice Boltzmann method, able to run on multi-CPU and multi-GPU architectures.

For a quick start, please refer to the Getting Started guide.

A detailed description for the configuration and compilation of the code can be found in the "Installation" component of this manual. The "Running simulations" section details the setup and execution of fluid flow simulations with TCLB. "Post-processing" provides details on how you can analyze the results. The "Model development" section provides a reference for developers wanting to add or modify models in TCLB.

The "XML Reference" is an automatically generated reference of all XML elements available for usage in the TCLB configuration files. "Models" is also automatically generated and is a reference of all models currently available along with their associated data.

Finally, the "Tutorials" section provides several step-by-step tutorials providing an introduction to model development and other useful things.