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d2q9 par BC




Model description files files for this model: Dynamics.c Dynamics.R

Zonal Settings

Name Comment
VelocityX inlet/outlet/init velocity
VelocityY inlet/outlet/init velocity
Pressure inlet/outlet/init density
PressureLossInObj Weight of [pressure loss] in objective
OutletFluxInObj Weight of [pressure loss] in objective
InletFluxInObj Weight of [pressure loss] in objective

Global Settings

Name Derived Comment
RelaxationRate 1.0/(3*Viscosity + 0.5) one over relaxation time
Viscosity viscosity
GravitationX GravitationX
GravitationY GravitationY
S2 1-RelaxationRate MRT Sx
Threshold Parameters threshold

Exported Quantities (VTK, etc)

Name Unit Comment
Rho kg/m3 Rho
U m/s U
Solid 1 Solid

Exported Global Integrals (CSV, etc)

Name Unit Comment
PressureLoss 1mPa pressure loss
OutletFlux 1m2/s pressure loss
InletFlux 1m2/s pressure loss
Objective 1 Objective function

Node Types

Group Types
BOUNDARY EPressure, WPressure, NVelocity, SVelocity, WVelocity, EVelocity, NSymmetry, SSymmetry, Solid, Wall
OBJECTIVE Inlet, Outlet

Solved fields

Name Access pattern Comment
f[0] stencil f[0]
f[1] stencil f[1]
f[2] stencil f[2]
f[3] stencil f[3]
f[4] stencil f[4]
f[5] stencil f[5]
f[6] stencil f[6]
f[7] stencil f[7]
f[8] stencil f[8]
ux stencil ux
uy stencil uy
sol stencil sol

Densities - default accessors

Name Field Pulling field from Comment
f[0] f[0] stencil f[0]
f[1] f[1] stencil f[1]
f[2] f[2] stencil f[2]
f[3] f[3] stencil f[3]
f[4] f[4] stencil f[4]
f[5] f[5] stencil f[5]
f[6] f[6] stencil f[6]
f[7] f[7] stencil f[7]
f[8] f[8] stencil f[8]
ux ux stencil ux
uy uy stencil uy
sol sol stencil sol

Action stages

Name Main procedure Preloaded densities Pushed fields
BaseIteration Run f[0], f[1], f[2], f[3], f[4], f[5], f[6], f[7], f[8], ux, uy, sol f[0], f[1], f[2], f[3], f[4], f[5], f[6], f[7], f[8]
CalcU CalcU f[0], f[1], f[2], f[3], f[4], f[5], f[6], f[7], f[8] ux, uy, sol
CalcF CalcF ux, uy, sol ux, uy, sol
BaseInit Init none f[0], f[1], f[2], f[3], f[4], f[5], f[6], f[7], f[8], ux, uy, sol


Name Stages
Iteration BaseIteration, CalcU, CalcF
Init BaseInit, CalcU, CalcF