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nVidia CUDA

If you want to use GPU you have to install nVidia CUDA.

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

MPI library is required for communication between processes in TCLB. TCLB cannot be runned without it, even if you run only a single process. You for instance use OpenMPI (sudo tools/ openmpi)


R is a scripting language mainly used for data analysis. In TCLB is using TCLB for many things, including source generation. You can install R using eg. sudo tools/ r.


For many important parts of TCLB you need to install several packages (you can use tools/ rdep):

If you want to use R during your simulation with <RunR> element (tools/ rinside):

If you want to use python in source generation, please install (tools/ rpython):

  • rPython (if you want to develop a model using python in place or R)


Python can be used for source generation in models, and it can be used in execution. With python you will need in most cases (sudo tools/ python-dev):