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CLB/MODEL_NAME/main case_path

Where MODEL_NAME is the name of the desired model(e.g.d2q9) and case_path is the location of case file(.xml), relative to the TCLB folder.

For example, to run karman.xml case, located in subfolder example\flow\2d, using d2q9 model:

CLB/d2q9/main example/flow/2d/karman.xml

CPU-based usage

By default the code will run on GPU, which requires a NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support. In order to run it on CPU, the code must be compiled using --disable-cuda option. In order to run the calculations on CPU in parallel, one need to start calculations using mpirun option:

mpirun -np X CLB/MODEL_NAME/main case_path

Where X is number of threads that will be created. Usually max number of threads is equal to number of cores of a processor, with the exception of CPUs with multi-threading.